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Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule

Providence Classical School is unique in its combination of classroom experience and the home instruction environment.



Home Instruction

During Home Instruction days, parents teach their children at home using lesson plans prepared by each child's classroom teacher. The lesson plans provide consistency between what is taught at school and what is taught at home. Tests are given at school and the teacher assumes responsibility for grade students' work and for maintaining educational records. Students in each class use the same curriculum. This approach gives students a unique blend of time with parents at home combined with classroom experiences.


Campus Days

On Tuesday and Thursday, students are on campus from 7:50 to 2:30pm. All students are dismissed at 12:30pm on Friday. The mornings are filled with core curriculum subjects. On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, students in K-2nd grades are given instruction in science, Bible-history, music, art and physical education. Grades 3-6 are given instruction in Latin, science and history.



Campus Days

Grades 3 and up attend school five days per week. On Mondays, students are dismissed at 12:30pm from academic instruction. On Wednesdays, students in grades 3-6 are dismissed at 12:30pm while grades 7 and up are dismissed at 2:30pm from academic instruction. Students have the opportunity to sign up for extracurricular opportunities (clubs, athletics, arts, etc.), which meet on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. While many students choose to participate in these options, other students choose to use these afternoons for academic, athletic, or employment opportunities outside of PCS. 

Daily Schedule


School usually begins in the third week of August. Breaks and holidays include: Fall Break in October (1 week); Thanksgiving (3 days); Christmas Holiday (approximately 2 weeks); Spring Break in March (1 week) and Easter Celebration of Christ's Resurrection (Good Friday). School typically ends the week prior to Memorial Day.  



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