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School Profile

School Profile

Established:  1996

Current Enrollment: 293

Families Enrolled:  134

Churches Represented:  Over 40
Pupil/Teacher Ratio:  13:1
Average Teaching Experience:  16 years

Nickname: Knights
School colors: Red, white, and blue


PCS is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), the Association of Classical and Christian Schools (ACCS), and the Alabama Christian Education Association (ACEA) and its subsidiary, the Alabama Christian Athletic Association (ACAA). PCS is also a member of the Educational Records Bureau (ERB) for standardized testing purposes. Our students consistently rank in the top 20% among ERB members.


Average ACT score for 2023 Graduating Class: 28.28

Overall Average ACT Score (2009-2023): 28.0


National Merit Scholar Finalists:  7 

National Merit Commended Scholars:  6


PCS graduates that have gone to college:  95%

Number of alumni:  131 (at least 86% received Academic or Leadership Scholarships)

College Athletes Graduating from PCS:

NCAA, Division 1:  3 Athletes (Rowing, Football, Cross Country)

NCAA, Division 2:  3 Athletes (Soccer, Volleyball)

NCAA, Division 3:  1 Athlete (Basketball)

NAIA:  1 Athlete (Volleyball)


PCS won the Senior High Academic Cup, placing first in the state in academic testing among ACEA member schools, in 2014-2022, and PCS won the Junior High Academic Cup in academic testing among ACEA member schools in 2022.


PCS ranked #1 in the nation (out of 1,000 schools) for students employing a biblical worldview as measured through PEERS Testing (Political, Economic, Education, Religion and Social Issues) by the Nehemiah Institute, Inc. in 2014.

Scholarship Statistics

As of the 2023 graduating year, PCS graduates have received scholarship offers amounting to:


86% have received scholarships offers. 

More than 24% of those scholarship offers are for

Presidential Scholarships.

Alumni Colleges and Majors


These logos are trademarks of their respective colleges and institutions.


  • Accounting

  • Finance

  • Marketing

  • Economics

  • Architecture

  • Logistics

  • International Business

  • Environmental Design


  • Risk Management

  • Construction Management

  • Wildlife Management

  • Operations Management

  • Flight Management


  • Aerospace Engineering

  • Biochemistry/Pre-Med

  • Chemistry

  • Civil Engineering

  • Computer Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Industrial & Systems Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Psychology

  • Physical Therapy

  • Nursing

  • Physics

  • Mathematics

  • Welding

  • Exercise Science

  • Sports Management (Coaching)


  • Education/Special Education

  • Theology

  • History

  • Speech Pathology


  • English

  • Political Science

  • Classics, Mythology & Folklore

  • Social Work

  • Foreign Language

  • Film Production

Academic Specifics

Grade Point Average: 

4.0 unweighted scale to calculate GPA

GPA calculated for all classes in grades 9-12 


Grade Scale: 




F=69 and below

 All classes use the above 10-point grading scale.


Curriculum:   College preparatory and advanced teaching for all students, including:

  • Dual enrollment options for upperclassmen

  • Math--Calculus, Pre-Calculus and Algebra 2/Trigonometry

  • Science--Chemistry and Advanced Chemistry, Physics and Advanced Physics, Biology and Anatomy & Physiology

  • Literature--Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Classical

  • Critical thinking and expression

    • Rhetoric, Logic, and Philosophy courses

    • Oral and written presentation and defense of theses

  • Advanced training in all types of writing:

    • Essays in literature, history, and philosophy

    • Technical papers in advanced science and math

    • Research papers

    • Theses

    • Poetry analysis and writing

    • Journalism and reporting

  • Worldview and theological analysis and expression in humanities courses

  • Latin  courses (6 years) which promote mastery of the English language and provide a foundation for other foreign languages

  • Biblical worldview support in all courses

  • Participation in the Nehemiah Institute PEERS Testing for Biblical Worldview


Course Credits:  Students graduating from high school at Providence Classical School will have completed the required 26 total credits consisting of:

  • 4 each in math, science, English and history

  • 2 in foreign language — Latin

  • Rhetoric, Philosophy, and Logic

  • Health and physical education

  • Fine arts

  • Government and Economics

  • Career Prep and Computer Applications

Extracurricular Involvement

Leadership Opportunities:

  • Student Government

  • Yearbook

  • Drama

  • Mock Trial

  • Cyber Patriot

  • Athletics

  • Student-led assembly

  • Student hosts and hostesses at PCS events

Interpersonal Skills Development:

  • Yearbook Club—designing, writing and distributing the PCS yearbook

  • Drama Club—planning, preparing, memorizing and performing classic productions

 Physical Fitness:

  • The President’s Physical Fitness Challenge Program in grades 1-12

  • PCS volleyball team for girls in grades 7-12

  • PCS basketball team for boys in grades 7-12

  • PCS basketball team for girls in grades 7-12

  • PCS cross country team for boys and girls in grades 7-12

  • PCS soccer team for boys  and girls in grades 7-12

  • PCS track team for boys and girls in grades 7-12

  • PCS archery team for boys and girls in grades 7-12

  • PCS golf team for boys and girls in grades 7-12

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