About Us

Providence Classical School is part of a community of Christians who share a common vision regarding the training of children, both academically and morally. PCS endeavors to provide a school that is biblically based in all respects and one that provides an environment where students mature in Christian faith. PCS is further committed to providing its students with an education of academic excellence that prepares them for any life endeavor.

The Distinctives of Providence Classical School

Biblical Base
The precepts of the Bible set the standard by which children are raised, trained and educated. PCS maintains a curriculum that recognizes biblical truth as the foundation of every subject.

Parental Responsibility/Headship

PCS partners with parents in the training and education of their children, while not replacing their primary responsibility. The school commits to upholding the godly standards of conduct that are foundational to its families. These common standards of conduct, discipline, respect and honor enable children to grow spiritually, intellectually, physically and socially.

Moral Innocence

PCS is committed to protecting the moral innocence of its student body. This enables young children to remain appropriately naïve to certain mature or worldly concepts. PCS will not introduce these types of concepts, such as drug awareness or sex education, at school. Parents have the responsibility to evaluate their child's readiness for these concepts and to introduce them at home through the lens of biblical standards.

Other Oriented

PCS stresses the value and worth of all people and encourages students to put others before self. PCS provides many opportunities for students to serve others and encourages them to maintain an "others first" focus.